“I need to go somewhere to get away from this daily boring routine”. I am sure all of us had said this many times and over and over again. Most of us plan to go somewhere at least twice a year. We wanted it too but commitments commitment and more commitments…

Planning a holiday is stressful and the time taken to find something that is suitable whilst scouring the internet is time consuming, distracting and for us a real pain in the south. We wanted someone to do it for us – a personal travel planner just for us and who is willing to know us like family (almost at least). Anyone out there! Nope nobody around. Nada! Tiada! None!!! This was the case seven years ago. Then Brijmohan the most enterprising and a born to travel sort  amongst all of us wanna go someplace group stood up and stomped his foot and said, ”why don’t we do this ourselves, see the world, enjoy and make some money”. WOW! No Brainer! Why Not? And from that inspired outburst we decided let’s do it gung ho, gangnam style.  D’Mart Travel and Tours was born.

Three of us who raised the capital and obtained the requisite Ministry of Tourism licenses became the founders of D’Mart Travel and Tours. We enrolled ourselves in Travel Management Courses to learn about the nuts and bolts on how to run this type of business and joined a network of travel professionals who were only too generous to impart their experience and knowhow to help us along the way. (“There are great folks like that, out there, you know.”)

Our vision was simple. D’Mart Travel and Tours will be your No Worries and Lowest Cost travel service provider and we will set the Benchmark for others to follow.

For five years we specialized in catering for inbound travelers into Malaysia. We created an efficient back-office system that enabled us to literally hold the hands of our incoming guest from arrival to departure. “We ourselves wanted this in the first place” – raison d’ etre. Our networking gave us the lowest hotel rates, serviced apartment rates, homestays rates, transfer rates, airlines ticket rates entrance tickets rates, shopping discounts etc. that enabled us to compete with the “Big Boys” and the online giants.

We are now just as efficient with our outbound package and  we have incredible packages to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka and soon China and Europe. We have enjoyed our trips there and we know you will too.

D’Mart Travel and Tours